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Are you developing a product or industrial equipment?  You will be obliged to go through a testing stage to improve, to certify and/or to market it.  You will have to check that the product you have imagined and the one that has actually been designed are one and the same. The most accurate and reliable way to do this is to actually confront it with the physical phenomena it will encounter during its life cycle.  NERYS designs solutions that allow you to test your equipment under real life conditions and to measure its behaviour.  We intervene on your equipment during the R&D (research and development), pre-marketing, production and maintenance phases.
Nerys is a multi-disciplinary team (mechanics, IT, electronics, electrical engineering, physics, software, etc.) capable of providing project management to test equipment ranging from the simplest to the most complex.

Your trial testing partner


Reliable, customized and scalable test and measurement solutions
Who knows the product you have developed better than what you do?
You had the idea, drew up the plans and designed the prototypes.  You have invested energy, knowledge, time and money... Nerys' role is to provide you with autonomy and precision in your test procedures due to complete, tailor-made solutions ( bench testing, electrical engineering units , computer "workstation" and software).
Our versatility and know-how as an integrator enable us to be an important factor during each stage of your testing process.  We intervene to :

  1. Define the test strategy adapted to your product, your business sector... (specifications, diagnosis).
  2. Designing and building a complete test facility (CAD, bench manufacturing, electrical engineering, data acquisition system, PC and data processing and control software ...).
  3. Modernize, complete or maintain an existing installation (instrumentation, test software, mechanical retrofit, electrical engineering).
  4. Develop measurement systems (instrumentation, data acquisition systems, on-board systems, etc.) and electronic card files.
  5. Team training

Who are our potential clients?
We offer solutions in various sectors to large enterprises, SMEs and laboratories.

Our philosophy

Solutions for complex industrial tests

Anticipating needs and solutions for testing and measurement is part of Nerys' DNA!

By choosing the name  Nerys, which comes from Nerios, the Gallic god of gushing springs, we have made creativity, inventiveness and adaptability key values of our identity.
The company was partially built on the conviction that technological advances would drastically change the conduct of industrial trials.          
This philosophy has made Nerys a leader in test software development.
Today, thanks to the versatility and curiosity of our engineers, as well as our investments in research and development, we  anticipate new technologies that will enable us to meet your new requirements:

  • more and more intelligenttesting equipment
  • enhanced process automation
  • traceability, remote test monitoring and control
  • optimise use of recorded data (artificial intelligence)
  • programming of more realistic and complex test sequences.

Our objective: To ensure that increasingly complex testing are accessible without making concessions on their reliability.

Each project is a partnership

We accompany each one with the same requirements : to guarantee trial testing properly adapted to your profession while remaining  practical and reliable despite the complexity of the tests to be carried out.
Your capacity for innovation is limitless.  Nerys adjusts to your ambitions.

Choose Nerys

Reduce your development costs and time

Our assets to accompany you :

  • Powerful technical expertise in physical, mechanical, electronic, electrical and computer measurements
  • Mastery of skills such as in the torsional vibrations generation: ability to simulate the vibrations of internal combustion engines
  • Our ability to ensure the project management of your test facility
  • Commercial off-the-shelf software products, customizable and developed by our teams
  • Versatile and committed team members to satisfy each customer
  • Strong references in the automotive, aeronautics, defence and energy sectors

We design



Measurement systems



Customized applications

Electronic boards

On-board electronic systems

Our partners

National Instruments domaine

Our team has solid experience in the NI (National Instruments). hardware and software environments.  We develop software and applications with tools such as LabVIEW, TestStandVeriSTAND, C++… programs and languages...
Our software solutions VASCO et VEGA were developed in LabVIEW.
Our software engineers hold the highest levels of LabVIEW certification LabVIEW :  LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer (CLED) CertificationLabVIEW Architect (CLA) Certification They master programming languages (LabVIEW), communication and protocol systems, and various hardware platforms and instrumentation buses such as PXICompactDAQCompactRIOFPGA… They follow your progress and allow you to benefit rigorously from the most recent technological developments such as TSN (Time Sensitive Networking).

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