VEGA: We provide a turn key solution for torsional vibration analysis as close as possible to reality.

  • Study the vibrations generated by engines or other rotating equipment ?
  • Evaluate the impact of vibrations on engines and their peripheral equipment ?
  • Test how the equipment and components react in rotating systems ?

With VEGA (Vibration Electrical Generator of Acyclism), Nerys offers a concrete and global solution to study the impact of vibrational phenomena on operational rotating machineries.


The solution for precise and reliable automotive testing

Technical characteristics

  • Acyclism feature with level control

  • Fractional-order system (between 0.7 and 5)

  • Multi-order acyclism generation with level and phase control

  • Endurance Cycles

Several sectors are concerned: automotive (engines, belts, alternators, clutches, etc.), aeronautics (helicopter components, rotary wing UAVs, gyroplanes etc.) and, on a broader level, industry with numerous rotating machines (compressors, pumps, etc.).
VEGA is a full-scale test facility capable of reproducing the torsional vibrations of all types of internal combustion engine pistons and is as authentic as possible regarding the acyclism.  It is inherent to internal combustion engines through the alternating phase during the engine cycle.  This rhythm generates cyclic vibration phenomena.

Nerys reproduces this phenomenon thanks to :

  •  a solution that combines an electric motor, a control-command system (Real-time PXI driver, CompactRIO, Real Time Computing), and the Vasco test software.
  • Its expertise of the physical and mechanical phenomena that is essential for chain dimensioning a control chain that faithfully reproduces the reality endured by the equipment and components to be tested

Vega's performance

Vega's performance depends greatly on the characteristics of the device under test, in terms of average torque to be driven, inertia, kinematics behavior, and depending on the electric motor that is used.

For example, Vega has provided the following performances on different projects:

Testing clutch components with a 200 kW electric motor

a.  Maximum speed: 7500 rpm
b.  Acyclism level of 9700 rd/s² at order 2 at 1000 rpm, corresponding to 44% of main speed.
c.  Acyclism level of 15000 rd/s² at order 5 at 1500 rpm, corresponding to 12% of main speed.

Accessory belt drive system with a 150 kW electric motor

d.  maximum crankshaft speed : 7000 rpm
e.  Acyclism level of 7600 rd/s² at order 2 at 1500 rpm, corresponding to 15% of main speed.
f.  Simulation of e-Machines with torque-controlled acyclism, and tilting between motor and load behaviour.

Vega's assets


  • Reproduction of torsional vibrations on the equipment as authentic as possible
  • VEGA is designed as a turn-key solution for manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, researchers prototype test benches with the combined intervention of our mechanical and computer engineering departments.
  • An acyclic function can be added to an existing testbed
  • A customized, ergonomic and network-accessible control interface.
  • Acyclic functions make testing much faster than static testing.

If you wish to carry out torsional vibration tests, please contact our mechanical design office.


Equipment that can be tested under acycling (non-exhaustive list)


They use VEGA 

PSA, SKF, Valeo, Hutchinson, l'école des Arts & Métiers... utilisent d’ores et déjà Vega pour réaliser des essais de caractérisation.
Depuis juin 2015, les Etats-Unis ont rendu obligatoire des tests sous acyclisme pour les courroies de transmission (norme SA J2432 du 23 juin 2015).

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