Test Benches

At the request of industrialists and researchers, Nerys designs and develops special machines dedicated to test and measurement.
These are generally referred to as test or trial benches.  These are tailor-made hardware installations, designed to truly reproduce the real operating environment of the tested equipment.  In particular, they reproduce physical phenomena such as temperature, vibration and pressure that the equipment will be confronted with during its life cycle.
The production to complete test benches requires the expertise of numerous technical skills (mechanics, physical measurements, hydraulics, pneumatics, IT, instrumentation, signal processing, electronics, etc.) and the ability to combine all systems and equipment in a coherent and efficient manner.


A test bench is a complex unit centered around the design and integration of different equipment:

  • An appropriate test environment that will accommodate the equipment.  It is designed by our mechanical design office using CAD tools fully integrated with Solidworks. The realization of the mechanical structure and parts is subcontracted to reliable partners.  We ensure the integration of the different parts and fragments (structures, screws) etc...

  • Depending on the nature of the expected stimuli, actuators will allow the equipment to be stressed. They can be electric motors to generate rotation or vibrations, otherwise hydraulic cylinders, …

  • Measuring devices (sensors, conditioning, etc.) that capture physical quantities, transform them into electrical signals and relay them to data acquisition equipment connected to a calculating device.

  • An electrotechnical environment (electro-technical cabinet) that manages the bench power supplies, the safety loop and the wiring of the various control and command equipment.

  • Industrial software and computer hardware enable pilot testing via the actuators to correlate the various systems and to exploit the data.

Type of workbenches

We design and build all types of test workbenches :

  • characterization bench
  • endurance bench
  • rotating machine test bench
  • sensor test bench (characteristics of sensors)
  • vibration system (VEGA solution)
  • end-of-line bench (quality control)
  • calibration bench
  • RF and microwave test bench ...

If you wish to be accompanied during drafting specifications, we can intervene to guide you along. We will remain at your disposition after installation of the equipment on your premises, with training services and evolutionary maintenance.



A testing facility is often an expensive investment.  We are environmentally friendly therefore are very attentive to:

  • designing sustainable test facilities
  • extend the life of aging facilities, whether they were designed by us or by another company

Over the years and numerous projects, we have developed the know-how to modernize obsolete test benches.  We analyze your installation (interviews, layout analysis, viewing of tests, studies, modelling of the installation...) and propose the add-ons that will give a second life to your product

Renovating a test facility can consist of :

  • integrating a test control software
  • completing the actual instrumentation with new instruments
  • providing an electro technical control baycabinet
  •  implementing a recent acquisition system
  • replacing worn out mechanical parts.

The renovation generally concerns electro-technical control and the IT part of the installation, both of which become obsolete the fastest. Our software testing tool Vasco enables us to carry out renovation operations faster and less expensively.




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