Technical expertise and versatility

The trust and expertise in measurement have been able to federate beyond the company's founders.  Nerys has motivated and secured the loyalty of new talent to enrich its range of complementary skills!
The company is driven by employees who are truly passionate about their jobs.  They combine technical skills with a sense of commitment to each customer.
At Nerys, each employee has first and foremost solid knowledge of physical measurements.  This is the basis for testing.  Our engineers have core expertise in mechanics, electronics, electrical engineering and IT, enriched by technical versatility and a taste for autonomy.


« Neryssians » are constantly on the lookout for the latest technological advances in order to integrate them into the test facilities we develop.  Our know-how and expertise enable us to adapt to your expectations and to accompany you on each of your projects from design to reproduce a copy of the real operating environment for the tested equipment.
Software skills are essential in the development of test facilities.  Our developers are qualified to the highest level of LabVIEW certification.  They are proficient in programming languages, communication systems and hardware. Two of our trained professionals hold a LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer Certification, obtained by only 11 other engineers in France.

Our team is organized by design offices


PCB, tests, intégration

Electrical engineering

Instrumentation, IT System Integration


HMI (Human Machine Interface), custom application development


Design, calculations, manufacturing

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