Don't spend any more time developing software that will program and control your test facility, our product VascoSuite is your solution.  Currently available at a competitive price and has widespread success by many manufacturing companies, our software has a native application included: data acquisition, generation, recording and calculation, as well as, data security..., Everything that you expect from your future test software is included and the design that allows you to customize it.


Logiciel de gestion d’essais modulable

Provide your test facility with high quality software at an affordable price!

The architecture of VascoSuite developed in LabVIEW is open, configurable, customizable and scalable.  It allows you to create an application that precisely meet your needs by significantly reducing the time and cost of the software development for your test facility. 

VascoSuite is developed in LabVIEW and built around three programs :

  • Vasco-Configuration or Vasco Database

 (WinDev interface and  MySQL, an open-source relational database )

  • Vasco-Testing (LabVIEW) 
  • Vasco-Exploitation (LabVIEW)

VascoSuite functionalities

  1. Acquisition and visualization from one to several hundred channel measurement possibilities.

  2. Real-time data processing and calculations.    

  3. Analog and digital output management.

  4. Creation of customized and synchronous cycles for multiple outputs.

  5. Automation testing procedures based on pre-determined scenarios.

  6. Continuous data recording and historical post-mortem and ante-mortem database management.

  7. Recorded data analysis

  1. Log files and remote instrument panel

  2.  Security regulations management. (email alerts are possible)

  3. Sensor and actuators calibration.

  4. Multiple configurations management tools (input/output hardware devices, various data acquisition and control systems...)

  5. Compatible with all National Instruments (NI) platforms and field buses, such as, ARINC interface, CAN, LIN, CANopen, Serial, MODBUS, IP, EtherCAT

Program your test scenarios and testing environment without software development

Database configuration and automated testing based on the product profile and scenarios allows to offer an evolution in test procedure without software development.

Via scripts, the user only has to change the settings for data acquisition and visualization, commands and adding on specific existing files.

Vasco users can intervene on two levels:  parameterized applications and customized software development.


Why choose VascoSuite?

  • Vasco allows you to program and perform control tests at all levels of complexity.
  • It is a reliable solution that has been widely acclaimed by industrialists, in many sectors, for more than a decade.
  • It can be used as part of the design of an integrated test or to renovate an obsolete facility.

  • It allows fleet testing control management due to process standardization.  Users can go from one benchmark to another without having to adapt to a new system.

Vasco allows the harmonization and optimization on your test procedures at a lower cost.


Choose the adapted software for your testing platform.

For further information on our rates and services, please contact our team of experts.

Our network of experts intervene in several fields : instrumentation, computer science, electronics, vibration analysis, etc...


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