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Your embedded electronic system design from A to Z

Electronic boards and embedded electronic systems are present in many everyday  objects (computer, coffee machine, car...) or used in very complex applications (military, aeronautics, space...).  Independent software allow a computer to execute specific functions.      
Nerys' electronic design activity is booming.  Our know-how is increasingly recognized and used to produce circuit boards and embedded electronic systems.  Most of the time, we manufacture prototypes and small series.

To design them, we mobilise the expertise and versatility of our team.  Our electronic design office relies on the skills of our expert Serge Sérafini, who masters all the skills required to create embedded electronic systems.  He is accompanied by Damien Lupo, a digital electronics specialist. The electronic design office interacts throughout the realization of your system with the other members of the team.  In particular, he works with our mechanical engineers, whose advice is of utmost value for computer integration engineering design and production, in the reflections, the problems related to the future environment of the electronic board (weight, size, heat, vibrations...).
We put our know-how at your disposal beginning with the writing of the requirements through to the validation of your project.

The design of your electronic device in just a few steps:

Based on the requirements, we identify the functions necessary to create your on-board electronic system.  We materialize them with an electrical diagram.
Then we identify the components that will be organized on the card.  We supply them based on various criteria related to the environmental constraints which the on-board electronic system will be subjected.  For demanding applications, we use high-performance components particularly in the military field.
We then perform the circuit routing.  This operation consists in determining how the components will be organized on the board.  We define the links between the electronic components so that each one is optimally powered.
At the same time, we develop the intelligence system.  We have expertise in different computer programming technologies: process, FPGA...
During this phase which precedes the manufacturing, we make a model in order to validate the electrical diagram.  We assemble the components and/or demonstration boards on a prototyping board and do electrical testing.
We entrust the manufacturing of the printed circuit board (PCB) to one of our partner subcontractors who scrupulously follows the electrical diagram we have designed.
After manufacturing, we test the "intelligence" aspect.  All elements of the initial specifications are checked and necessary adjustments are made on the board or in the program.

Major assets of Nerys

We manage the entire process of your electronic project : from compiling requirements to the final validation of the embedded electronic system.
We ensure:

  • the control the stock supply
  • the system integration
  • the programming of electronics board
  • the configuration and necessary testing

We guarantee the monitoring of the operations and validate all the stages until the final realization via various types of tests.

We develop electronic boards for the most demanding applications.  The most important functions necessary for the operation of the system and robust features which are capable of to evolving under the most severe environment conditions are included.

We are a multi-disciplinary, human-sized team.  Your project is managed by dedicated interlocutors to facilitate smooth communication and provide a rapid response to your questions or concerns.

If you are looking for a business partner to make your electronic project a reality, contact us!




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